We encourage and support a “speak up and listen” culture. To help us hear the voices and diverse perspectives of our team members, we offer formal and informal ways to gather feedback and sentiments. Then we act on those findings, ensuring that we continue to improve and evolve as a company.

How We Listen

Open Door
We have a long-standing tradition of inviting all team members to speak freely and openly with any member of management, without impacting their standing in the company. We also take great care to let team members know that their standing in the company will never be jeopardized as a result of speaking freely. 
Team Member
We capture team members' perspectives on how we’re doing as an organization, and gather feedback on topics that impact team members on a day-to-day basis.
Executive-Hosted Listening Tours

Throughout the year, senior executives hold roundtable discussions with team members on topics of strategic importance to Behr. Team members get visibility with leaders, and leaders get new perspectives that inform solutions to pressing needs.

“Listening Tours are definitely the highlight of my month! They are a great opportunity to meet with Behr team members and to really get to know them better, understand their ideas, thoughts, and dreams about our great company and continue to promote the 'small company feeling’ that gives every team member a voice in our future.”


Jon Sullivan

Chief Financial Officer
Orange County, CA

How We Act

Based on the feedback we’ve received, here are some examples of how we’re advancing connection, kinship, and inclusion at our organization.
Interactive workshops and practical toolkits for people leaders and team members to learn and apply behaviors that improve inclusion, empathy, and allyship. Some of our workshops include Building Bridges, Understanding Different Types of Systemic Racism, Intersectional Allyship, and Unconscious Bias.
Spotlights of team members through storytelling opportunities and recognized heritage celebrations, such as

Black History Month
“For me, Black History Month showcases the capabilities of black women and men, and is defining evidence of a great people. It is a time when small African American children can realize that there are so many avenues to success.

For many years, I spent the time taking my daughter to different museums around town. We would explore black artists at the art museum and the contributions of African Americans at The Museum of Science and Industry. I wanted her to see and learn that success is not only how much you make, but it can also be how much you’ve contributed.”

Orlando Jackson
Manager, Distribution
Midwest Distribution Center
Sauk Village, IL

Women's History Month
“Celebrating Women’s History Month made me feel very proud. It was a time to reflect on all the contributions that women make in our society. There are so many real heroines who excel in their jobs while juggling many other tasks in life. It also caused me to reflect on the sacrifices women made in the past to give us basic rights that we enjoy today, like the right to vote, for example. I believe in paying it forward and looking for community opportunities to support the new generation of women.”

Gloria San Miguel
Customer Care Representative III
​​​​​​​Orange County, CA

Hispanic Heritage Month
Jose was a featured panelist for a Hispanic Heritage Month webinar sponsored by Masco Corporation. As a first-generation Costa Rican, Jose shared how his heritage and family history shape his life.

“Costa Rica’s national motto, ¡Pura Vida!, guides my life and career. It is a way of living where you enjoy life and try to live it well. My team and I work extremely hard, and we try to enjoy it. Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! As far as my familial influences go, my Abuelita (great grandmother) instilled in me the value of education and learning. I credit her with my insatiable appetite for pushing myself to know more today than I did yesterday.”

Jose Esquivel
Sr. Director of Procurement
​​​​​​​Orange County, CA

Open forums to share and bring to light diverse opinions, ideas, and experiences from a range of individuals. Topics have included Systemic Racism, the LGBTQ+ Community, and Being Asian in America.
Experiential events with the Human Library®, a global organization that facilitates personal conversations with individuals who have faced identity-based prejudice, social exclusion and/or discrimination. By providing a safe space to discuss taboo topics openly and without condemnation, Behr team members are able to challenge preconceived notions, find commonalities, and build greater insight and empathy.