Military & Veterans

Supporting Our Military

Watkins values the service and sacrifice of our U.S. veterans, active military members, and their families, and invests in partnerships, programs and resources to understand the unique challenges that come with the return to civilian life and enable an inclusive environment where transitioning service members can reach their potential.

Forging Partnerships to Further Impact

Employment assistance is the #1 requested service from transitioning military members. Masco is proud to partner with Hire Heroes USA in support of their mission to empower U.S. military members, veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. Through our corporate giving programs, we have donated $70,000  to Hire Heroes USA, which, to date, has helped more than 75,000 veterans and military spouses gain employment following military service.

Ways We Connect

From mentorships that help veterans adjust to workplace culture to initiatives that foster inclusion and diversity, our engagement programs honor those who risk their lives to serve in the military.

As part of our Building Allyship Series, Masco hosted a company-wide forum in 2022 to deepen our understanding of military culture and what it’s like transition to the civilian workforce through real stories and experiences from our own Masco family of company team members.

Getting Involved
In 2021, over 100 runners across the Masco family of companies participated in the Run for Heroes Virtual 5k to help raise both funding and awareness for Hire Heroes’ work on behalf of veterans. The team of runners raised more than $16,000 for the cause.

In reflecting on the experience, Masco Support Services employee and US Army veteran, Ronald Strobel, said, “I was very honored to participate in the Virtual 5K Run for Heroes on behalf of those who have served and are currently serving this great country. We should absolutely support heroes and their families who have voluntarily signed up to defend the freedoms we all enjoy.”

Honoring Those Who Served

Watkins appreciates the values, leadership, and teamwork veterans bring to the organization.

Antonio R.
United States Marine Corps, 2015 - 2019

Role at Watkins: Automation Technician, Advanced Manufacturing

"During my military service, I was a Refrigeration Technician and worked numerous field service calls. Many times, we had to do more with less because of the limited equipment we brought to the field. We followed strict protocols that made it easy for other tehnicians and supervisors to reference if needed. Additionally, our technician groups hd resourceful leaders that helped teach the newer technicians and sought out answers to your questions if they didn't have any answer to them when you asked. My technical, troubleshooting, and leadership experience in the military helps me excel in my role as an Automation Technician here at Watkins."

Felisha B.
United States Navy, 2005 - 2011

Role at Watkins: AHS Technical Customer Experience Specialist, Watkins

"I am most proud of learning the electrical trade during my time in the military. While in the military, I learned how to troubleshoot, adapt, coordinate with others, and work with others of different ideals, all skills that I use in my role at Watkins. To me, being a veteran means making a sacrifice and serving my country."
Jamie G.
United States Marine Corps, Active Duty 2002 - 2013
Reserves 2013 to present

Role at Watkins: Director, Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

"As an enlisted Marine, I was a jet mechanic. I worked on AV-8B Harriers, which are really cool airplanes that can take off and land vertically, and in very short distances. As Marines, we obsess over mission success, especially in combat. I served two deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and when we were in theater, it was game on. We worked hard to make sure our jets were mission ready, often putting in 14-hour days. It was hard, but it never really felt like work. Everyone in the squadron knew we were accountable to one another and to the mission, and every day we executed on our flight schedule to support the troops on the ground ... we should also recognize the spouses, partners, children and families that support our service members. These are the unsung heroes who sacrifice so much, so that their service member is ready to answer the call to service."
Matt O.
United States Air Force, 2001 - 2010

Role at Watkins: Facilities Mechanic III

"I'm the most proud of the skills and the awareness/training that the military offers, along with all the travel. The overall military experience gives you skills and qualities to make the best version of yourself. To me, being a veteran means having served our country, putting something bigger before yourself."
Michael G.
United States Navy, 1983 - 1991

Role at Watkins: Technician A, Tech Support Lab

"On several occasions, I was the rescue swimmer involved with the rescue of downed pilots, and was also involved with the rescue of more than 100 people from the roof of a burning building. We also assisted in humanitarian efforts, dropping good in areas of Bangladesh after devastation from a hurricane.

During my time in the Navy, I was given the opportunity to work with many people from different backgrounds. I was trained to work on equipment and make repairs on military helicopters and jets, as well as follow procedures and implement more efficient processes. Jumping out of a moving helicopter in pitch black conditions and frigid water temperatures, and all is well. Just another day at work."
Stephen A.
United States Air Force, 1982 - 1986

Role at Watkins: AHS Technical Customer Experience Specialist

"I am poud that I made the decision to continue my family's tradition of serving in the military - although when I chose the Air Force, it did upset my older family members, who all served in the Navy. To me, being a Veteran means you proudly served your country; you sacrificed being an individual to become part of a team, where you put your team members' needs first. It also means you were pushed mentally and accomplished things you probably did not think you could endure."
Proudly Partnering With Military Service Organizations

In addition to the many national military organizations that are supported through the Masco Million Differences Campaign, Watkins Wellness is proud to partner with many of our local organizations that support our service members both financially and emotionally in the San Diego area. Join us in supporting these organizations.