Carl Krumrei

Vice President, Product

Carl Krumrei
As Vice President, Product, I lead our efforts to continuously improve the quality and ease of use of our wellness products. This includes the ideation and launch of innovative products tailored to the needs and expectations of our consumers. Watkins Wellness has been the innovation leader in the spa industry for over 45 years and I’m passionate about introducing the next set of products that will continue our legacy of innovation.

I joined Watkins in 2013 and have worked in a variety of roles and departments over my 10-year tenure with the company. Additionally, I’ve led or participated in multiple strategic initiatives, including those focused on innovation and improving our new product introduction processes. Prior to joining Watkins, I worked in financial roles and operational consulting. My consulting experience focused on helping companies solve problems and improve processes. I find this experience most relevant to my role leading our Product group.

Watkins emphasizes a set of values that I identify with and believe form the basis of the culture that has helped make Watkins the leading company in our industry. While many of our values resonate with me, I believe our Product group should aspire to demonstrate the qualities summed up in our Team Player value: people who actively listen to co-workers, respect ideas, and aim to improve products or processes.

Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. Together, we enjoy travel, music, golf, softball and escape rooms.