Our Mission 

The Masco Support Services group of customer centric organizations provides relevant customer
intelligence, analytic insights, brand representation and focused project execution. 

We are a team of diverse opportunity seekers dedicated to the principles of customer focus,
continuous improvement, equity and inclusion, 
and integrity. 

These core values fully leverage the impact of our shared resources and processes, 
delivering commercial excellence as a Masco competitive advantage.

Our Services

Análisis minorista
Análisis minorista
Robust suite of analytic tools providing market insights, business trends, and overall performance across retail customers. Constantly seeking value-creative opportunities for our business units to help drive their programs.
Gestión de proyectos
Gestión de proyectos Masco Business Unit in-store project support which includes planning, building, executing, and reporting.
Planificación del espacio
Planificación del espacio Ability to create physical representation of future state, in-store sets and translate to an electronic format for our retailer partners. 
Perspectivas del mercado
Perspectivas del mercado Shared intelligence and reporting on current marketplace conditions. Insights include information on retail pricing, product mix, issue identification, consumer, and retailer feedback.
Laboratorio competitivo
Laboratorio competitivo Onsite BU space dedicated to competitive pricing and product comparison, market research, customer feedback, and future product bay concepts.
Soluciones para clientes
Soluciones para clientes Offering of traditional customer service activities across retail customers on behalf of the business units. In addition, support of ecommerce data, fine avoidance, and returned product credit processing.
Media Service
Media Service Services include product photography, 360-degree spin creation, videography, and live streaming services.
Gestión de Devoluciones
Gestión de devoluciones Returned Product Management is the ability to effectively process returned product. It can be divided into the 3 primary functions: returned product processing, re-sellable product reconditioning, and re-sellable product value optimization.
Operaciones de campo
Operaciones de campo In-store retailer support for BUs that provides product service, project visibility, market insights, training support, and overall brand advocacy for their products.
Atención de comercialización
Atención de comercialización MSS service offered to the Masco Business Units to support their trade channel business in showroom locations.  MSS coordinates projects, and surveys on behalf of our internal customer.