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Our mission at Kichler is to create an environment where people can thrive while bringing their authentic self to work.

We are a part of the Masco Group, and we pride ourselves on bringing people together. Our home base is in Solon, OH but we have distribution centers across the US and employees working remotely across the globe. Join us and we’ll offer you flexibility, coaching, and an engaging, inclusive environment that will make you want to stay with Kichler for years to come.


We are proud to work with organizations that support transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses. Our contributions also go beyond veterans and the workforce. We donate a lot of our time and resources to working with non-profit organizations to help strengthen our communities.

We consider ourselves a global community, and we’re at our best when we blend different backgrounds and experiences to cultivate new ideas. We are proud of our flexible work environment and we want you to thrive in a way that works best for you. If you believe transparency and teamwork should be an integral part of any inclusive work environment, then look no further than Kichler.


"With any job I've experienced, it has been more about the people I've worked with and the relationships I have built and maintained, many life-long (so far), that are important. More than the job itself. 

The job we do here, can be very much the polar opposite of predictable, and I do appreciate the variety that often comes with our departmental responsibilities."
— Christian P.
Sr. QA Engineer, Kichler Lighting

"As an organization, all our departments have mutual respect, and value each other’s contributions. Communication between departments is timely and clear, which makes us a very effective team in fulfilling our customer’s needs.

I love the freedom and respect given to me to lead and manage the west region distribution operation. Our executive leaders trust and respect my capabilities and empower me with full authority and responsibility to lead and manage our team. I also very much enjoy working with our cross-cultural team of men and women motivated by the challenges of the day and driven to be the best distribution operation."

— Darryl G.
Distribution Center Manager, Kichler Lighting

"Life working at Kichler is exactly that, life. We are provided with a work-life balance that is encouraged by the leadership (they encourage taking PTO!). Much of the organization is like an extended family. My Army background makes this very important to me since many of the service members that I served with and
went to war with are as close to or closer than family. 

My Army background makes this very important to me since many of the service members that I served with and went to war with are as close to or closer than family. There is genuine care and concern for the well-being of all employees here. From the day I started, I knew I was in a good place. It's not often that a company has numerous employees celebrating 30, 40, and even 50 years with the company. This is a regular occurrence at Kichler! I love how the company promotes recognition, not only publicly, but also in general day-to-day operations. It is very common to hear team members compliment others or praise them. I love that they encourage us to make our own decisions, and take responsibility for their outcomes, while also acknowledging that we will all make mistakes at some point. It's simply about using those mistakes to learn and grow."

— Scott W.
Product Manager, Kichler Lighting
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