Military & Veterans


Kichler values the service and sacrifice of our U.S. veterans, active military members, and their families, and invests in partnerships, programs and resources to understand the unique challenges that come with the return to civilian life and enable an inclusive environment where transitioning service members can reach their potential at our Company.

Forging Partnerships to Further Impact

Employment assistance is the #1 requested service from transitioning military members. Masco is proud to partner with Hire Heroes USA in support of their mission to empower U.S. military members, veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. Through our corporate giving programs, we have donated $70,000  to Hire Heroes USA, which, to date, has helped more than 75,000 veterans and military spouses gain employment following military service.
Ways We Connect
From mentorships that help veterans adjust to workplace culture to initiatives that foster inclusion and diversity, our engagement programs honor those who risk their lives to serve in the military.

As part of our Building Allyship Series, Masco hosted a company-wide forum in 2022 to deepen our understanding of military culture and what it’s like transition to the civilian workforce through real stories and experiences from our own Masco family of company team members.

Getting Involved
In 2021, over 100 runners across the Masco family of companies participated in the Run for Heroes Virtual 5k to help raise both funding and awareness for Hire Heroes’ work on behalf of veterans. The team of runners raised more than $16,000 for the cause.

In reflecting on the experience, Masco Support Services employee and US Army veteran, Ronald Strobel, said, “I was very honored to participate in the Virtual 5K Run for Heroes on behalf of those who have served and are currently serving this great country. We should absolutely support heroes and their families who have voluntarily signed up to defend the freedoms we all enjoy.”


​​​​​Kichler appreciates the values, leadership, and teamwork veterans bring to the organization.
Seth M.
Help Desk Technician, Kichler Lighting

Seth grew up in the Cleveland, OH area and after a few years of college, decided the Army was a good path for him.

While in the service, he served as an IT Support Specialist with responsibilities similar to his current service desk role at Kichler Lighting.

Seth is the first and only member of his family to join the service, so he didn’t have much background on what to expect. The Army taught him many priceless life lessons through hardships and successes in countless training missions.

Seth described the transition to civilian life as stressful and hard to manage, and takes advantages of opportunities to share his experiences, in hopes of supporting  other military members who are transitioning out of the service.
Darryl G.
Distribution Center Manager, Kichler Lighting

Darryl served as Chief Master Sergeant E-9 in the U.S. Airforce for 27 years. He has been with Kichler Lighting for 16 years.

As a leader, Darryl believes that some days are more challenging than others, but meeting the needs of the customer makes the successes that much more rewarding. He pushes his team hard during the week so that come the weekend, they are able to enjoy personal/family time, something he greatly values.

Darryl loves the freedom and respect he is given to lead and manage his operation. He feels that there is good synergy between departments, and he is empowered by his executive leadership team who respect and trust him to do his job well. 

Darryl also very much enjoys working with Kichler's cross-cultural team of women and men who are all motivated by the challenges of the day and driven to be the best distribution operation.
Christian P.
Sr. QA Engineer, Kichler Lighting

Christian served with the U.S. Army (Persian Gulf Veteran) for four years as a SPC E-4. He has been with Kichler Lighting for 11.5 years.

Christian describes working at Kichler as eventful. Over the history of his career, he has put emphasis on relationship building over the job itself; he has found a lot of value in the connections that he has built and maintained. 

Having been accused of being predictable himself, Christian says that his job is very much the polar opposite of that. The diverse situational events can at times be overwhelming to him, but he appreciates the variety that comes with the departmental responsibilities.
Scott W.
Product Manager, Kichler Lighting

Scott served in the U.S. Army for 18.5 years as Staff Sergeant. He has been with Kichler Lighting for 10 years.

Coming from an Army background, Scott places a lot of value on having close relationships in the workplace. A lot of the members he served and went to war with felt close to or closer than family to him. Today he feels that much of the Kichler organization is like extended family.

Scott credits Kichler with having genuine care and concern for all employees and their well-being. One thing he particularly loves about Kichler is how the company promotes recognition, in public as well as in general day-to-day operations.

Scott also loves the way the company encourages its employees at all levels to make decisions and own the outcomes. One of his biggest lessons from the Army and combat is that in most situations any decision is typically better and less costly than no decision at all.

Proudly Partnering With Military Service Organizations​​​​​​​

Masco companies partner with grassroots and national military organizations that support our service members both financially and emotionally, across all the communities we serve through our Masco Million Differences Campaign. Join us in supporting these organizations.