Receiving Operator, 2nd shift - Imperial, MO in Imperial at Behr Process Corporation

Date Posted: 3/28/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Handle, store, label, record and communicate the disposition of yard materials under the solvent recovery program.

Provide safe operation of fork-lift to unload trucks, move, store materials and maintain stored materials in clean and orderly condition.

Monitor supply of miscellaneous MRO inventory items and replenish stock as needed.

Ensure adequate raw materials such as labels, sticker, box trays and other materials are available in adequate supplies for production operations.

Oversee and perform related computer transactions to run reports and process transactions, including checking inventory on hand as well as future inventory deliveries.

Monitor and check incoming materials for defects.

Notify Lead Operator or Supervisor of any defects, inventory discrepancies, or low stock levels.

Process and fill order requests from Sales representatives, other plants, and the corporate office and forward filled orders to the appropriate department.

Read and respond to electronic mail requests.

Monitor unloading processing workflow when transferring raw materials between tanker trucks and railcars to tanks.

Receive, return and coordinate rail car switches, complete related paperwork, and perform computer data entry.

Assist vendors in arranging and completing tank truck and railcar raw material deliveries, including unloading trucks, obtaining sample approval, and pumping transported materials into proper storage tanks.

Enter data into computer terminal regarding all incoming raw materials.

Monitor tank levels to ensure the availability of materials for production.

Participate on the spill response team and participate in clean up of liquid raw materials in any area of the plant as needed.

Ensure work areas are neat and clean.

Interact with purchasing personnel and provide assistance as needed.

Know and implement appropriate SAP transactions for inventory, receipt, usage and control.


Educational attainment equivalent to high school graduation

Considerable experience in inventory control

Fork-lift and Reach Truck Certified


Knowledge of appropriate SAP transactions

Knowledge of material storage practices, including hazardous substances inventory storage, raw material and internal transfer storage, and disposition procedures

Knowledge of safety procedures and equipment operation procedures

Ability to organize and maintain raw materials and dry goods in proper stored condition

Ability to safely operate reach truck and fork-lift

Ability to explain and demonstrate procedures or techniques and answer questions regarding practices

Ability to understand and follow oral or written instructions

Ability to maintain basic work logs

Ability to communicate effectively with supervisors and co-workers


All employees working in the Receiving Department can be assigned at a given shift or partial shift to any of the specific areas of receiving which include: bulk receiving, make and ship, label room and pigment puller.

A Receiving Operator’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Facilitate all receiving; resolve storage and material identification problems or pumping problems with Receiving Supervisor; train employees in company storage, transfer, and record keeping procedures; handle, store, label, record and communicate the disposition of materials under the Solvent Recovery Program; operate fork-lift and reach truck to move and store materials; coordinate tanker truck and railcar deliveries and returns and resolve billing issues; provide leadership for spill response team and in the disposal of raw materials; organize and coordinate raw materials tank cleaning program; troubleshoot pumping problems for raw material delivery system; supervise shelf life rotation program; enter data into computer terminal regarding the movement of liquid raw materials from tanker truck and railcars into storage tanks, and for receiving all liquid raw materials; monitor tank levels to insure the availability of materials for production; investigate problems involving contamination of raw materials in conjunction with Quality Control personnel; unload raw material trucks; maintain stored raw materials in clean and orderly condition; assist vendors in arranging and completing tanker truck and railroad car raw materials deliveries, including unloading trucks, obtaining sample approval, and pumping transported materials into proper storage tanks; assist in and coordinate the delivery of raw materials.

If requested to work in the make and ship area, the duties and responsibilities of the job also include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Ensure that all product that is ready to ship is properly loaded, truck checked, and reported for pick up; ensure proper rotation of inventory in compliance with first in, first out program; inspect outbound trailers to detect defects; ensure all inventory transactions are scanned using scanner gun; report operation problems or issues to department Lead Operator or Supervisor for resolution, as need.

Should employee be required to work in the Label Room, the Receiving Operator’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Breaks down palletized labels and puts labels onto near-by storage shelves; from storage shelves, delivers small packages of appropriate labels to Filling Department using 4-wheeled cart; picks up overage labels from Filing Department and returns to storage area with 4-wheeled cart; overages labels are placed onto shelves, monitor inventory control of facility’s cans, labels and lids; maintains product in soda machines; maintain label room in clean and orderly condition.

If assigned to tasks of pigment puller, the Receiving Operator’s responsibilities are to pull pigments used for the daily manufacturing of paints; stains, and varnishes; loads and unloads raw material trucks; maintains inventory of raw materials; reads batch tickets and determines which pigments need to be pulled; stage pigments where required by operating a fork-lift or reach truck; maintain fork-lift; stage and hook up totes for Milling Department; keep pigment, dock, and storage area neat and clean; and record material disposition using a scanner gun and by entering data into a computer terminal.