Milling Operator, 2nd Shift in McDonough at Behr Process Corporation

Date Posted: 9/11/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description


  • Maintain safe manufacturing of quality coatings through addition of chemicals and pigments from a formula ticket


Coordinate the accurate operation of pump controls, gate valves and a compactor.

Posses a thorough understanding of the specific functions of all plumbing valves and pump controls in the milling and filling operations in order to route product through the plant properly.

Maintain a safe and clean work environment.

Perform quality control tests on all products including viscosity, draw down, temperature and WPG.

Coordinate the bailing recycled super sacks in compactor.

Opening 55-gallon drums with use of pliers and wrench.

Perform the filling of 5-6 gallon pails with liquids from semi-bulk totes.

Maintain the proper use of a hand held scanner in order to record inventory movements.

Maintain accurate records of inventory movements, formula adjustments and reports.

Know and maintain the use of computer controlled automations systems for delivery of raw materials and operations of milling equipment.



Educational attainment equivalent to high school graduation, supplemented by extensive milling experience


Thorough understanding of chemicals used in paint making including, functionality and hazards

Knowledge of safety procedure as well as applicable OSHA, DOT and environmental rules and regulations

Ability to plan, organize, and complete assignments in a timely manner

Ability to communicate with others, both verbally and written

Maintain professional relationships with all levels of management and outside vendors.

Ability to perform mathematical calculations including fractions, decimals, and percentages

Thorough knowledge of measures of weight, volume and conversion methods

Ability to read and write the English Language

Computer Skills


Operate a forklift

STATUS: Hourly